Tourism marketing campaigns

21 December 2020
Development West Coast
Find out more about recent West Coast marketing initiatives from Development West Coast.

Marketing initiatives

Development West Coast has been running an extensive summer campaign around ‘Hot Deals, Cool Holidays’ driving customers to This has resulted in over 30,000 pageviews on our website in the last week alone. Please get in touch with us to ensure your deals/packages are up to date and listed on our website, so you can leverage off this extra exposure.
The Hot Deals, Cool Holidays campaign has featured a strong digital component through, NZHerald, Google as well as social media channels.

The campaign has also had a strong presence in print media, including:

  • RV-NZ Lifestyle Today (13,000 copies)
  • Wilderness Magazine (7,708)
  • 1964 Mountain Culture Aotearoa magazine (5,000)
  • Adventure Magazine x2 (7,000)
  • Star Canterbury – West Coast feature (93,000)
  • NZME Travel – GoNZ x2: NZHerald & NZME affiliated newspapers (662,000)
  • NZME Holiday Magazine: NZHerald & NZME affiliated newspapers (662,000)

January-December 2021 Marketing schedule

Download the proposed marketing overview schedule for 2021 (PDF: 216kb).

2020 media famils and coverage

DWC has been working closely with Tourism New Zealand and media outlets to increase coverage of the West Coast, resulting in numerous editorials and features on the West Coast. Below is a sample of some of the recent West Coast media coverage: