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The Best of the West

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Glacier country

Glacier Country is a unique area where you can enjoy the freedom to explore New Zealand’s most diverse, unaltered natural landscapes - from the mountains and glaciers to the sea - and to immerse yourself in pure nature.

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Home of the famous Pancake Rocks & Blowholes. Get there via the Great Coast Road, one of the Top 10 Coastal Drives in the world!

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Pancake Rocks and Blowholes - 0920

Hokitika Gorge

The Hokitika Gorge is 33kms from Hokitika. The vivid turquoise water surrounded by lush native bush is well worth a visit.

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Lake Brunner, Moana

Moana is a town that sits on the edge of Lake Brunner near Greymouth, West Coast. Lake Brunner is a mecca for year-round trout fishing and you can take your pick from a range of water activities – jet boating to yachting, swimming to kayaking, paddle boarding to just taking time to unwind the lake

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Haast World Heritage Area

The Haast region is a lost world that is so spectacular and remote UNESCO awarded it the status of being a "World Heritage" area.

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Oparara Arches

Experience limestone arches, caves, whiskey coloured rivers and lake and rainforest all within the Kahurangi National Park on the West Coast.

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Oparara Arches, Karamea