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Where nature has right of way ... for about 20 million years, give or take...

The West Coast region reaches from Kahurangi Point in the north to Awarua Point in the south, a distance of 600 km. This land is very scenic, with wild coastlines, mountains and a very high proportion of native bush, much of it native temperate rain forest. When the mountains began forming millions of years ago they produced precious gold and pounamu (New Zealand Jade) deposits, treasured by Māori and pioneers, giving birth to the Coast’s rich history. Nature also carved dramatic glacial valleys to form two of the world’s most unique and accessible glaciers.

Discover an abundance of nature so astounding, it'll leave an impressions for years to come. Discover Nikau palms and semi tropical fruit trees in the north to temperate rainforests in the south. In between are wild coastlines, deserted beaches and dense forests of giant trees, ferns and mosses all waiting to be explored. Share this lush forest with an abundance of bird life. Get up close and personal with kea who make a beeline for your shiniest possessions, weka that take off with your lunch if you turn your back for a second and rare kiwi only the very lucky ever get to see or hear.

With five National Parks, two wilderness areas, two kiwi sanctuaries and a southern landscape so awe inspiring UNESCO, named it a world heritage area, the West Coast is truly nature at its most raw and spectacular. Just you and nature. It’s the holiday you know you’ve been needing for ages.

Ship's Creek, Haast -1812

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Glacier walk


From Buller to Haast, north to south (or whichever way the road takes you) the West Coast’s epic 600-kilometre coastline is a road tripper’s dream drive. Tucked between the snowy peaks of the Southern Alps and the pounding Tasman Sea — covering almost nine percent of New Zealand’s land area — this region is packed with diverse, awe-inspiring landscapes and experiences that set it apart from anywhere else in this country.

Follow the road to six naturally spectacular West Coast highlights.

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Oparara Arches, Karamea

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Touring Routes

The West Coast is regarded as one of the best road trips in the world. 600 kilometres of very scenic road, from Kahurangi Point in the north to Awarua Point in the south.

This is West Coast’s Untamed Natural Wilderness at its best with rugged coastlines, beautiful mountains vistas and lush greens with a very high proportion of native bush, much of it being native temperate rainforest.

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